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Instant Quote FAQ

Our print volume is 200mm x 260mm x 190mm (X Y Z). Larger parts can be split into pieces and assembled after printing, and slightly longer parts can be printed on a diagonal. If you have any questions about our print size capabilities, please let us know in the Project Details field.
There is no unit information in a .stl file, so you must tell the system which units you used during modelling or export. The process varies depending on the CAD package, but improperly setting the units will result in large errors in price. If you do not know, note the part's approximate size in the Project Details field.
We will orient your models before production to optimize the 3D printing process. If you have a specific requirement, please make note of it in the Project Details field.
Sub-millimeter accuracy is achievable for most part models. If you have specific tolerance requirements, please let us know.
Our standard surface finish is comprised of 0.2mm layers in the XY plane. If you require finer layer heights, please let us know.
The lead times shown are averages and are not guaranteed for your order. In some cases we can print and ship an order the day after it comes in; select Rush Service and ensure all shipping information is correct. Rush orders are still subject to review after they are placed.
We only offer pickup to students and faculty of McMaster University due to our location, and arrange pickup separately for each student order. To qualify for pickup, you must use your McMaster email address when submitting your order.
Once your inquiry has been received, we will send you a quotation usually within a day, or follow up if we have any questions. If you accept the quote, a PayPal invoice will be sent to you via email. You may pay using a credit card even without a PayPal account, or you may let us know if you require a different method of payment.